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The Uefa Champions League provides plenty of opportunities for throwing a football party, from the group stage right through to the final, because so many of the matches are televised these days. At this stage our library of pages on individual clubs doesn't include every team in the competition, but we will try to add more as quickly as we can. In the meantime, if you can't find a page for a specific club but want to throw a themed party around one of their matches, try the teams page, and see if there is a page for their nation.

Congratulations to Real Madrid on winning the 2017 Uefa Champions League.

Click here for the official Uefa Champions League site.

The draw for the knockout stages of the competition has now been made, and is shown below.

UEFA Champions League 2017-18 - Future Dates

  • Knockout Round, 1st Legs: 13th/14th February 2018
  • Knockout Round, 1st Legs: 20th/21st February 2018
  • Knockout Round, 2nd Legs: 6th/7th March 2018
  • Knockout Round, 2nd Legs: 13th/14th March 2018
  • Quarter-final draw: 16th March 2018
  • Quarter-finals, 1st Legs: 3rd/4th April 2018
  • Quarter-finals, 2nd Legs: 10th/11th April 2018
  • Semi-final draw: 13th April 2018
  • Semi-finals, 1st Legs: 24th/25th April 2018
  • Semi-finals, 2nd Legs: 1st/2nd May 2018
  • Final: 26th May 2018 in Kiev

UEFA Champions League:
Knockout Stage

So we reach the knockout stage at last! This is where the tactics and the "away goals rule" all come into their own.
This year's draw features plenty of old favourites:

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