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Facts & Figures

Ukraine Team Logo
  • Capital City: Kiev (Kyiv)
  • Population: 52m
  • Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish
  • Team Nickname: Sbima ("The National Team").
  • Official Team Web Site (in Ukrainian - click here for English version).
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: Quarter Finals (2006)
  • Best European Championship Performance: Group Stage (2012, 2016)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 24 (September 2017)

Ideas for a Ukrainian Themed Party

Most celebrations in Ukraine are steeped in centuries of traditions, and many are connected to the orthodox christian faith. Whatever the event, food and drink are usually central to Ukrainian celebrations.

Ukranian Party Decorations

Food for a Ukraine Themed Party

There are many similarities between the cuisine of the Ukraine and that of neighbouring Poland. As in Poland, different sorts of bread form a very important part of the Ukrainian diet, and many dishes include sour cream as a key ingredient. Popular, widely available vegetables include potatoes, beetroot, cabbage and mushrooms.

A popular Polish delicacy are pierogies, which are a little like miniature pasties. They can be stuffed with meat, or sweet fillings, but the most popular and traditional is cheese and potato. Pierogies travelled across the Atlantic with Polish ex-pats to the USA, where they have become extremely popular. We first came across a recipe for them when the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing in the Super Bowl, and therefore incorrectly classified them as an American recipe! It turns out that they are equally popular in Ukraine too, where they are known as Perohy.

Similarly, the Ukrainian dish holubtsi, which consists of cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat, and then cooked in a tomato-based sauce, is very similar to the Polish dish Golabki, and Bigos - a traditional huntsman's stew - is considered by both nations to be their national dish. Others would argue that Borsch (or Borshch or Borscht) is the real national dish of Ukraine.

Savoury Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Drink for a Ukraine Themed Party

There area plenty of options drinks-wise when throwing a Ukrainian football party.
A strong spirit, similar to vodka, is very popular throughout the nation. It is called horilka, but unfortunately we have not been able to find any sources outside Ukraine. Ukrainian beer (pyvo) is brewed and enjoyed throughout the country. The most popular or well-known brands include Obolon, Lvivske and Slavutich, but again, they're not easy to get hold of outside the Ukrainian borders. Some wine (vyno) is produced, especially in the Crimea area, and mead is also popular.

So it may be hard to track down truly authentic Ukrainian drinks, but white wine, lager and vodka would be the nearest equivalents, and they shouldn't be too hard to get hold of!

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