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Facts & Figures

Malaysia Team Logo
  • Capital City: Kuala Lumpur
  • Population: 20m
  • Languages: Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil
  • Team Nickname: Harimau Malaya - The Malayan Tigers
  • Official Team Web Site (mostly in Malay)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: -
  • Best AFC Asian Nations Cup Performance: Group Stage
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 170 (October 2017)

Ideas for a Malaysia Themed Party

Malaysia is a multi-cultural society, and includes influences from China, Britain, Thailand and India among others, as well as the native culture of the indigenous peoples. Malaysian food is a wonderful blend of these influences, and if you are throwing a Malaysian-themed party, try to make sure you cook some Malaysian food, even if it's only chicken satay - you won't be disappointed! Because so many different cultures live side-by-side in Malaysia, there is always some major celebration or party just around the corner, whether it's Chinese New Year or a religious celebration observed by the country's Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Christian populations.

Malaysian Party Decorations

For a Malaysian football party, you can either go for the red, white and blue colour scheme of the national flag, or use the yellow and black of the Malayan Tigers' shirts.

Food for a Malaysian Themed Party

Malaysian cooking is a bit of a favourite of ours. It somehow seems to blend all the best bits of Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine into something wonderfully unique and yet strangely familiar. Don't be fooled by what is laughingly called a "Malay curry" in many English curry houses, which is basically just their standard curry with a few tinned pineapple chunks added. Malaysian food is so much better than that. It's spicy, it's interesting, it's full of flavour...

...just try some of these for your next Malaysian Football party:


Main Courses & Accompaniements

Drink for a Malaysian Party

When it comes to drinks for your Malaysian Football party, think "sweet". Malaysians love sweet drinks, for example tea with condensed milk and sugar, or iced coffee served the same way. One popular drink is the malty chocolate drink "Milo" , which is served either hot or iced. Tiger Beer is the local brew, and is actually pretty good and not too hard to get hold of outside the country.

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