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Facts & Figures

Denmark Team Logo
  • Capital City: Copenhagen (København)
  • Population: 5m
  • Languages: Danish
  • Team Nickname: Danish Dynamite or The Olsen Gang
  • Official Team Web Site (in Danish)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: Quarter finals (1998)
  • Best Uefa Championship Performance: Winners (1992)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 48 (March 2017)

Ideas for a Danish Themed Football Party

The Danes will tell you that the Vikings originated from what is now Denmark. Whether or not that is entirely true, does it really matter?! It's a great excuse for a fancy dress party! Add a little red and white bunting and away you go!

Danish Party Decorations

Food for a Denmark Themed Party

What the Danes do well, they do very well (probably the best in the world!), and they're not afraid to tell the world about it!
Butter, beer and pork products (pork and bacon especially) feature heavily in their everyday cuisine, and in their list of major exports. It's also said that nobody in Denmark lives more than 30 miles from the sea, so seafood is also extremely popular.

Try some of these next time the...err...Danish Dynamite (no, really) are playing:

Starters and Finger Food

Main Courses Sweets

Drink for a Denmark Themed Party

Danish beers - especially Tuborg and Carlsberg - are widely available throughout the world. Schnapps is also very widely drunk, even at breakfast!

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