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Facts & Figures

Colombia Team Logo
  • Capital City: Bogota
  • Population: 35m
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Team Nickname: La seleccion cafetera (the team of coffee makers), Los cafeteros (the coffee growers), or "La Tricolor", after the nation's flag
  • Official Team Web Site (in Spanish)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: Quarter Finals (2014)
  • Best Copa America Performance: Winners (2001)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 10 (September 2017)

Ideas for a Colombian Themed Football Party

Perhaps one of Colombia's most famous footballers was Rene "El Loco" Higuita, their eccentric goalkeeper, whose love of colourful outfits and bizarre decision-making kept us all entertained 1980s and 1990s. Famous for his "scorpion kick" and tendency to rush out of his penalty area at any opportunity, Higuita also regularly took free kicks and penalties for his club and even country, and as a result must be one of the top-scoring goalkeepers of all time. Click here for a few video highlights from his career.
If you wanted to pay homage to "the crazy one" at your Colombian football party, you could always get hold of some false moustaches, long black curly wigs and the most outlandish goalkeeper shirts you can find, and all dress up as the great man!

Colombian Party Decorations

Food for a Colombian Themed Party

Colombia is a nation of diversity, geographically speaking. It has two coastlines (Pacific and Carribean), open plains, the Andes mountains and Amazonian rain forest. As a result, regional cooking styles have developed to make the most of the vast range of locally available produce (Colombia is one of the world's most bio-diverse nations). The mix of cooking styles in Colombia is further complicated by the ethnic diversity of the population, which is made up of the descendants of the original native inhabitants, Spanish colonists, African people originally brought to the country as slaves, and more recent immigrants from Europe and the Middle East. So it's hard to narrow "Colombian cooking" down to just one style or type of dish.

Popular ingredients include cereals such as rice and maize, potatoes, cassava, beans, avocado, eggs, meats such as beef, chicken, pork and goat, fish and seafood. Tropical fruits are found in abundance and picked both for eating and for making into juice. The list includes mango, banana, papaya, guava, pineapple, and passionfruit, plus many other types that are perhaps less well-known, such as guanábana, curuba, mora and lulo. Seafood and fish dishes are particularly popular in the coastal regions, and Empanadas are populare everywhere, as they are elsewhere in South America.

Starters/Nibbles & Accompaniements

Main Courses

Drink for a Colombian Themed Party

Coffee is one of Colombia's major exports, and it will come as no surprise that it is popular within the country as well. As mentioned above, fresh fruit juices are easy to obtain, affordable and available in a huge range of different flavours, and it is therefore no surprise that they are hugely popular.

Colombia does produce a lot of beer, but few of its brands are well known internationally. Those with the best reputation appear to come from the "BBC" (Bogota Beer Company).

The national spirit is called "guarapo", and is made from fermented pineapple or other fruit. This is either consumed as a shot, or mixed with fruit juice or cola. Chicha is the local firewater, popular with all the indigenous peoples of the Andes (see also our page on Chile, for example). It is made from fermented maize, and although I have never tried it, it would perhaps be most polite to describe it as "less than refined"! What is worth sampling, however, is Colombian Rum , which is apparently of very high quality.

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